zero emission vehicles available now

At WeKnow, we are bringing you the largest fleet of all electric cars in the UK. The first 10 cars will be on the road by the end of January, with 15 more to follow by the end of February.

All of our electric cars has ample legroom, plenty of boot space, black leather interior, and most importantly zero emissions!

You can BOOK HERE.

You will receive an email confirmation once your booking has been placed. If you have any questions or issues contact [email protected]

WeKnow how much effort individuals already put into becoming more green, whether it be recycling, reducing waste, or commuting by bicycle. We think companies like ourselves should do more, that’s why we chose to enlarge our fleet with zero emission vehicles. This alone will reduce CO2 emissions by 466 tonnes annually. (Which is the equivalent of 27 households!)* We are also committed to ongoing internal schemes such as reducing paper usage to an absolute minimum.

Whether you’re a family looking to explore the history of London, a business traveller trying to make your time in the city run smoothly or a couple organising a last-minute romantic weekend trip, book securely, ride comfortably, and travel cleanly.

We Love London. We Live London. WeKnowLondon.

*Based on 25 Jaguar XF Sportbrakes doing 300 miles per day, 312 days a year.