Hey Traveller, rent this this device for unlimited Internet around the world!

Travelers WIFI is a techy, cool and innovative WIFI hotspot. It is a perfect travel companion and a simple must have gadget when browsing around your tourist attractions.

It is SIM free and works in 140 countries world-wide. With just one Travelers WIFI, you are getting most stable, secure and private 4G connection that you can share with 5 people wherever you are.

No SIM swaps, no caps, no limitations – ultimate freedom when travelling with just one “switch ON” button thanks to the Travelers WIFI Cloud SIM platform which supports connection of 320 operators world-wide.

Travelers WIFI is a great solution for leisure and business travellers who want to avoid expensive roaming rates, but stay connected as they would be within their own home country when travelling.

From just £6.10 per day, you may connect 5 of your gadgets, friends or family members with 2GB of the high-speed data per day while visiting the UK.

Trendy and innovative Travelers Wi-Fi has teamed up with We Know London that is dedicated to making your London stay as convenient and stress free possible. This is a great news for travellers since now you may rent and collect your Travelers pocket WIFI at We Know London counters in Terminals 2-5 of Heathrow airport, 365 days a year.

Convenient Pick up and drop off at the We Know London infodesks at Heathrow Airport:

Terminal 2, Arrivals
Opening hours: 06:00 – midnight

Terminal 3, Arrivals
Opening hours: 05:30 – midnight

Terminal 4, Arrivals
Opening hours: 06:00 – midnight

Terminal 5, Arrivals
Opening hours: 05:30 – midnight

Conveniently return the unit with the included prepaid return envelope by the next post mailbox nearby

Happy travels and enjoy your Travelers WIFI and WeKnowLondon experience!

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