Modern Connectivity.

Get ready to wave goodbye to the hassle of SIM swaps, locked phones and expensive data plans. Say hello to SIM free connectivity in 140 countries world-wide. With Travelers Wifi you get the most stable, secure and private 4G connection with connectivity for up to 5 devices. Perfect for instant messaging, mapping and online browsing.

How it works

The Travelers Wifi cloud SIM platform supports connection to 320 operators worldwide to ensure you are always covered with full 4G data. Our devices are effortless to use, simply switch on with one button and save the hassle of SIM swaps, caps and limitations. What’s more, it’s small enough to fit into your pocket! From just £6.10 a day you can connect up to 5 of your gadgets, with unlimited 3G roaming and 2GB of our high speed 4G data per day.

Collection and Returns

Collect your Travelers Wifi from our desks in all arrivals halls at Heathrow Airport. We’ll help set you up the device and connect all your gadgets so you’re online from the moment you leave the airport. 

When you’re time here in the UK is coming to an end, conveniently return the unit using the included pre-paid return envelope. Simply drop it off to the nearest mailbox nearby!

Coronavirus - What we are doing to keep you safe whilst travelling.