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Stay Connected in the UK

Compare our visitor connectivity options and find the plan that suits you.

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Sim Cards and Rented Wifi

International Sim Card

250 UK and International minutes

500 UK texts

13GB data

🌎 best for international calls

unlimited texts & calls to EE numbers

international calls to 34 countries


All in 35

UL minutes

UL  texts

12GB data

🇬🇧 best for local calls 

use data in 49 European countries

calls to 49 European countries


All in 50

UL minutes

UL texts

UL data

🇬🇧 best for local calls

unlimited data

calls to 49 European countries


5GB Broadband Sim

UL minutes

UL texts

5GB data

best for tablets

mapping & web browsing

data only messaging apps


Lyca Mobile UK Plan

UL UK minutes & texts

100 Int. minutes

6GB data

best for local calls

best for calling back home

 Web browsing and mapping


Unlimited Wifi Device

 unlimited wifi 

secure & private connection

connects up to 5 gadgets

high speed internet

works with locked phones

no sim swaps

pocket sized & light weight


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