Spilling the tea – How to prep for a perfect afternoon tea on the Thames

Yes, we take our afternoon tea very seriously and we are proud of it. The tradition of drinking tea in the afternoon in England dates back to the early 1800s by the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna. The custom started as a habit as the Duchess would get hungry between her lunch and supper. So she started asking for a tray of tea, bread, and butter or a cake to be brought to her room during the late afternoon. This habit of hers spread between her friends as she started inviting them over to join her. Thus this short tea break became a fashionable social event where upper-class women would change into gowns, gloves, and hats to join their friends in the drawing room for afternoon tea.

While the idea of afternoon tea has diluted to a biscuit and some tea in most households. Our hearts still crave for a quaint tea room and the lavishness of the times gone by. Well, London doesn’t disappoint, you can still experience afternoon just like Duchess Anna, might we say, even better. You can sip your afternoon tea on the majestic Thames whilst enjoying scenic views. We’re spilling the tea on tea.

Tea is served usually with a selection of sandwiches, mini pastries & scones with clotted cream and jam, a flute of champagne and a view that’s breathtaking. For a full english experience of the tea, just keep a couple of things in mind.

The tea itself:

Traditional english tea is brewed with hot water and tea leaves. People add a spot of milk and some sugar. When your drink your tea, its from a cup and never a mug. Don’t cradle the cup in your hand. Cups should be held with one’s thumb and index finger meeting in the handle and the handle resting on your middle finger. Fingers should not be hooked through, and horror of horrors saucers never lifted from the table.

The accompaniments

Sandwiches are a standard must have. Sandwiches are usually cut up in 4 small squares and are eaten before tea starts. Along with sandwiches scones are also a tea time staple.   Scones should be warm and must be broken into two pieces by hand and eaten separately.

Ofcourse, the whole idea is to enjoy tea time and make it a memorable experience for you. Join us for Afternoon Tea Cruise Aboard City Cruises. Enjoy a Traditional Afternoon Tea Cruise with a backdrop of the most famous sights of London. Another option for a great tea experience is the Bateaux Riverboat Cruise – Afternoon Tea where you can aboard the Bateaux London sightseeing cruiser. Thames river afternoon tea cruises are ideal for both business meetings and those wishing to relax with friends and family. So come down to London to experience the city all over again.