Seven magical places in London that’ll make you pop the question


Ready to propose? Thinking about popping the question? Well, what better place to drop down on one knee than the magical city steeped with love stories, London. Royal weddings, Shakespeare and Keats, London is a fanciful and beautiful place to plan proposals. From the words you say to the song you play, to the perfect proposal location, everything needs to be perfect.

Now that Cupid has done his job and brought you love birds together, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of all the best places in London that’ll get you that ‘YES!’

St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you are willing to put in the legwork to take your relationship to the next level, St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful places to propose in London. Ask your better half to meet you at the top of the 259 steps at the Whispering Gallery and let your whispered question sneak up on her from the other side of the dome. You’ll probably leave with a new relationship status for Facebook and definitely with some pretty toned calf muscles.

Planetarium, Royal Observer

The entire universe is yours to command at the Planetarium, Royal Observer. London’s sky may not be luminous enough for you to pop the question, but the Planetarium offers just what you want. Perfect for hopeless romantics and astronomy nerds. You can book the whole venue with the proposal package to say the three magical words followed by a whimsical question under the shooting stars, the Milky Way or your favorite constellation. Did we hear a well-deserved ‘Oh my god!’

South Bank

South Bank in London would make the perfect proposal spot, being one of the most romantic areas due to its spectacular views and Thameside location, South Bank is perfect for those who don’t want to propose in an old-fashioned way. You can even get a choir to perform during your proposal. There is just so much you can do. Iconic London views, a life changing moment and music, yep – this is exactly like the movies (minus the drama).

Gordons wine bar

Quite a rare setting, Gordons is the oldest wine bar in London. Having been established in 1870, Gordons has played host to famous writers and luminary figures in the past and now invites lovers to sip and swirl in a cave. Royal reds and whimsical whites should be paired with some cheese and some proposing to make the evening special. If you’re an old soul you’re going to love this heritage touch to your evening.

Keats House

You want some that equal measure poetic and romantic? Well, John Keats’ home in Hampstead is just the place. This home turned museum is  the very spot where John Keats composed ‘Ode to a Nightingale’. If your better half is a literature lover, take them would be smitten if you propose them here. The man who wrote the words” Love is my religion – I could die for it” will sure be delighted knowing his home is where you started a new journey of life.

The London Aquarium

A wise man once said that the most unique proposal ideas can be found at the bottom of the deep blue sea, at the London Aquarium. Don’t go looking for the wise man, but do visit the London Aquarium if you don’t mind getting your hair wet while proposing. Dive into the Aquarium and surprise your beloved. Many big and small tropical fish will join you to witness this sweet proposal. Awww, right?

Hogwarts Great Hall

A proposal has to be magical, spell binding and glorious. The Hogwarts Great Hall serves as the perfect template for a great proposal. If you’re the kind of Potterheads that quote Harry Potter like scripture, then there just isn’t a more perfect way to pop the question. Every place in the Harry Potter Studio is magical, but we highly recommend Diagon Alley or even the Hogwarts Express.

Just about anywhere else

 London is as touristy as it gets, but its is also cosy and beautiful. The entire city is dotted with enchanting castles, picturesque cafes and world architectural icons; the magnificent London Eye gets a nod from experts as a place you must consider. In fact, hop on one of the many romantic attractions that WeKnowLondon has on offer and pop the question when you think your partner least expects it! We’re telling you, London has a way of charming even the most ‘unromantic’ people, if there is even such a thing.

Happy Proposing. We wish you a love that lasts many lifetimes!