Old Spitalfields Market


In the heart of East London lies another of London’s historic and most popular shopping destinations, Old Spitalfields Market.

Unlike Brick Lane, Old Spitalfields Market is open seven days a week and is ever-changing, giving visitors and excuse to return time and time again. With two parts of the huge market all under one roof, it’ll be impressive if you manage to leave empty handed.

Monday to Wednesday, the market offers a huge range of goods. From fashion and footwear, jewellery and accessories to books, gifts and bric-a-brac, everything still retains a certain quality and an Old Spitalfields charm.

Thursday is the perfect shopping day for hunters of vintage and antique treasure. Unlike other vintage markets that can leave you wading through junk before you find any gold, Old Spitalfields provides the best items for you to select from.

Fridays are for fashion at the market. Talented designers and artists offer creations you wouldn’t stumble upon on Oxford Street, and resellers may have found you something you’d never have found yourself. Some items may even be one of a kind!

The first and third Fridays of the month also mean the market plays host to a record fair, while the second and fourth Fridays host produce market. If you prefer The Jam to homemade jam, or vice versa, there will be a day at Old Spitalfields for you.

Saturdays are themed and rotate each weekend, meaning you can return each week and find something new. Vintage fairs, the African Market, local and handmade designer items, and the record fair combined with the Spitalfields Produce Market mean there really is a great variety.

Sunday is the most popular day at Old Spitalfields. It is easy to understand why, when you have wandered through the established sellers mixed in with the new and upcoming talents. Food, leather goods, vintage accessories, furniture, gifts, hand printed t-shirts – the range is vast and is enough to detract you from the crowd you’ll find yourself in.

If the market stalls aren’t enough, the building is surrounded by the perfect range of permanent shops that seem to perfectly summarise what to expect of the Spitalfields area. MAC and Benefit have the cosmetic counters covered, while Barbour and Hackett will dress you to the nines. Pimps and Pin-Ups will dress up your hair, MW nails will dress out your hands, and One Deko will help dress your flat to match too.

You can easily spend all day at Old Spitalfields. In between browsing the market stalls and surrounding shops, you can take a break to refuel in any of the cafes and restaurants. If you thought the shopping presented variety, you may have a tough time deciding what to eat here.