Lost travel documents in London? Here’s what you need to do

Aug. 18, 2019

Lost travel documents in London? Here’s what you need to do


Losing your travel documents in a foreign country is the most anxiety-inducing thing that can happen to a tourist. There are many implications of losing a passport in a foreign country. There is not only the cost of replacement, but some countries may also impose fines on tourists if the travel documents are lost due to carelessness. A passport is the only legal document that legally allows you to stay in a different country. So losing your travel docs is a nightmare.

Apart from the monetary ramifications, the hassle of managing time out of your schedule to inform the relevant authorities to replace the documents is another issue. So if you find yourself in a situation like this on your trip to London, don’t panic, take a deep breath, and follow the guide below:

Report it

When you lose your credit/debit card, the first thing that you do is contact your bank and have it canceled. It’s the same with your passport. Not reporting a lost or stolen passport can have severe consequences. To cancel a missing or stolen passport submit an LS01 form online. Contact the nearest police station that you can find and file a report. This report can help you get a new passport or a temporary travel document.

Contact the Embassy

Find the embassy of your country or High Commission and contact them with regards to your lost travel documents and get information on how to obtain a new passport as the process may vary between countries. Your new passport may not be issued right away. But you might get a processed temporary travel document from the embassy itself. This makes it legal for you to stay in the country.

Emergency Travel Document (ETD)

Travel document replacements can take up to 3 weeks in the UK. So if you don’t have the time to wait for a new passport, apply for an Emergency Travel Document (ETD). ETD is a temporary travel document which can help you travel around London if the conditions are agreed upon by the authorities.

Claim travel insurance

This is why taking travel insurance before flying to a foreign country is important. You can pay for the processing of the new travel documents in London and once you are back in your country, you can redeem your insurance by filing a claim for the lost documents. Contact the insurance companies and keep the necessary receipts and police reports related to the cost incurred due to the loss of documents.

Enjoy your trip

Once you acquire the Emergency Travel Document, you can go back to enjoying your holiday in London. But make sure to submit the temporary travel document after you are done with the trip and leaving for your country.

Travel is beautiful and sometimes life throws up rather unfortunate surprises But our advice is to embrace travelling with all its ups and downs. If you lose your documents there’s a way to fix it, don’t worry. Stay calm and follow the instructions.



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