Top 7 Cities you cannot miss during your time in the UK and what they offer travellers

 Sep. 04, 2019


Most people put ‘London’ on their travel itinerary and think that’s the most happening place that the UK has to offer, but the truth is far from it. While London is an obvious stop, the UK is full of beautiful cities that offer travellers a slice of the quintessential British life, its opulence, history and many quirks. Here, we’ll take you on a journey through Britain, discovering insights into some of our favourite cities we think everyone should visit at least once, but probably more…




Being the capital of Scotland and one of its most attractive cities, Edinburgh is also one of the UK’s most visited destinations. It is popular for its many well-preserved historic buildings and is best known as the home of the spectacular Edinburgh Castle. This 13th-century fortress is perched high above the old city and includes highlights such as the popular One 0’Clock Salute, the Scottish Crown Jewels in the Royal Palace, the Scottish War Memorial and the famous Stone of Destiny which was returned to Scotland after being kept in London for 700 years.

It’s easy to explore other sites of the city like the Old Town’s Royal Mile, its fine architecture, boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, art galleries and more. Other Edinburgh highlights include broad Princes Street, popular for its shopping and dining, as well as for the Royal Botanical Garden and the National Gallery of Scotland.




This is a city that always surprises people. The city is quaint and pleasant with people who are truly down to earth and if you’re into it, the nightlife here is pretty fantastic as well. Head to the Quayside and you’ll be overwhelmed with all the bars, clubs and cocktails! If you’re planning a night out, make sure to see the Tyne Bridge silhouetted against the sunset as it’s a truly magnificent sight.  Newcastle, although supported by it’s party culture, has rich history and some fantastic museums, and seeing as it’s somewhere between London and Edinburgh, it definitely deserves a stopover that might give you more memories than the mainstream cities.





Popular for its Roman Baths, Bath is one city that everyone travelling to the UK must visit at least once. The city has an amazing history along with some of the UK’s most exclusive postcodes. While it’s not feasible to bathe in the Roman Baths, many nearby spas offer the guests a chance to enjoy the city’s famous waters. Bath is also known for its Georgian architecture which can be seen along the majestic Royal Crescent. One of them, No.1 Royal Crescent, is now a museum that offers a peek into the life of the Georgian times.






One of the oldest universities in the world is present here, and it’s arguably one of the most beautiful university buildings in the world. Oxford lends itself to some of the UK’s most spectacular architecture, with honey-coloured buildings with a detailed history behind them. It also has a good balance of activities to get involved with even outside of sightseeing. For the ultimate Oxford experience, take to the water! Well known for its punting, a tradition that spans back to before the 1880’s, tourists and locals alike often visit the rivers to experience life on the quieter side. The scenery around Oxford is pretty special too. Head outside of the city centre and step into the calm oasis that is Britain’s oldest botanical garden.

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One of the most medieval cities of England, York is best described as the UK’s most charming city. It’s a popular tourist destination and the ecclesiastical capital of the Church of England. It boasts the county’s largest medieval church, York Minster which can be traced back to the spread of Christianity itself. York also has a number of museums, the most popular being the National Railway Museum that has a vast collection of many old steam engines dating as far back as 1820 and a unique collection of Royal Trains. York is not the biggest, loudest city, nor does it have the most sights, but the city is home to spectacular British architecture, culture and religious history.





This city is famous in the UK for a lot of reasons. It’s one of the best places to visit for the number of galleries and museums that are dotted around the city. It has a very active and vibrant music scene alongside successful football clubs. Liverpool also houses attractions like the Mersey Ferry, the historic Albert Dock, the Liver building and the spell-binding Tata Gallery. Liverpool showcases some more modern architecture, with sharp jagged buildings protruding out of it’s skyline and if you’re a fan of the Beatles, you probably already know Liverpool is where they hailed from! 





This Welsh capital city is usually expected to be quiet and a bit laid back, but it’s actually on of the busiest cities to visit. It is a good starting point for anyone who’s never experienced Welsh life and hospitality. Although it may not have as many sights as London, what will take you back to Cardiff is the openness, fun attitude and the warmth of the people there. While visiting, make sure you don’t miss Cardiff Bay. Hugely significant in the 1900’s, the bay was the primary way of transporting coal from South Wales to the rest of the world. Today, it has been reinvented into a waterfront escape from the citys busy vibe and provides many events and performances all year round. Near the Bay is the Norwegian Church, which is where the famous writer Roald Dahl was baptised. 

The United Kingdom is seeped culture and history contrasting with modern innovation, one of the many reasons it is so captivating to be here.

Even though all the cities have an English vibe to them, each captures it’s own unique traditions, atmosphere and habits. No one city will provide you with the same experience as another, so get planning and make sure to step outside of London for some time during your stay here.

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