Basement Sate

Behind an anonymous frontage in Soho, sits Basement Sate, an exciting and experimental Cocktail and Dessert bar.

At 8 Broadwick Street, W1F 8HN near the Agent Provocateur store, Basement Sate inhabits an underground space that resembles a mix between a wine cellar and private gentleman’s club. The darkened venue is not moody, with cool, ambient music setting the tenor for the night. The dark wood tables, vintage green leather chairs, booths and exposed brick work give the place a retro feel while the menus bring you right up-to-date.

The main selling point of the bar is the double-whammy of sips and sweets.

The cocktail menu is not large but it makes up for it with ambition. These include the carrot juice-based ‘Jessica Rabbit’, the light ‘Provence’ cocktail with its vodka, cucumber, mint and lavender syrup and the unusual ‘Salty Granny’, which mixes Japanese Whisky, apple syrup and seaweed-infused vermouth. There are offer sharing cocktails for a more sociable drinking experience.

The second part of the Basement Sate equation is the dessert menu – experimental puddings are crafted with technical precision using vibrant and unusual ingredients, and are designed to complement the drinks perfectly.

A fruity dessert like Mellow Yuzu, featuring marshmallow made from the eponymous Asian fruit, served with a ginger crumble and coffee meringue competes with the more cocoa-based delights, such as the Hazelnut Rocher, with its praline brownie and caramelized hazelnuts in a chocolate sphere. It’s a great idea and it works well.

The soundtrack to your time at Basement Sate is cool music spun by cutting-edge DJs. It is not intrusive but instead sets a mood, along with the drinks, the buzz and the sweet treats.

The word ‘Sate’ means ‘to satisfy a desire or appetite’ and this cocktail and dessert bar succeeds at doing just that.