5 mistakes first time travellers make when they visit the UK

Sep. 12, 2019

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But as a traveller, it can be overwhelming and even simple things like getting the tube can throw obstacles your way. Here are the top 5 mistakes people make when travelling to the UK for the first time, and what to do to avoid them.


1. Forgetting about London Weather.

This might be one of the simplest things but is extremely important if you want to travel across the UK. The United Kingdom is one of the rainiest places in the world and you will probably regret it if you go there without the necessary gear. Even the locals don’t leave the house without an umbrella, all around the year. So, please, remember to bring waterproof walking shoes, dig out that pack away anorak and pack a fold out umbrella. If you’re lucky enough to get a full holiday full of sunshine, at least your gear is small enough to fit into a bag. If not, and the heaven’s open, you’ll be grateful you’ve taken on this advice! 


2. Expecting cell service everywhere on the tube.

While on the iconic London tube, it’s easy for anyone to expect a full cell service and not be prepared for network outages. But if you are from a big city that uses an extensive underground transportation system, you would be familiar with this. Lots of areas in the London tube are just too deep underground for good network service, so plan ahead and don’t rely on being connected all the time. Have a downloaded version of your maps and travel stops so that you don’t miss them.


3. Not consulting a travel expert / local guide.

Even if you aren’t planning on hiring a tour guide, it might prove to be a mistake to not consult one before your first visit. Even with all the good city guide and people, London can get really overwhelming if you don’t have a solid plan and you don’t know what you’re going to do. So don’t be chary about investing some of your budgets in a good package. It will not only cover the city and its attractions but also convey to you, the vast local history behind them.

Why not have a browse of our specialised tour guides and packages that will give you an unforgettable experience of the city.


4. Being clueless on escalators.

Just as there are public transport etiquette in the UK, there are also certain etiquettes you should try to follow while you’re walking on the footpath or on an escalator. All traffic in the UK moves on the left side – by car or by foot. So when people are in a hurry, they speed up and down escalators on the left side. If you are not in a hurry and don’t want to annoy locals, the right side of the escalator is where you stand. You might attract angry looks and annoyance if you loiter on the left side and block the traffic!



5. Not trying out different dishes.

When you think of popular London bites, you probably think about fish and chips or a fry up! It is a must-try on your visit to the UK but it is certainly not the only food you should be eating to get the complete experience of the European cuisine. The UK is increasingly one of the best hubs for new, extraordinary and delicious food. It’s a multicultural vibrant dining scene that takes influences from around the world. So don’t be doubtful about trying out that dish you’ve never heard of before in the café down the street!

There are many more things about the UK which your trip will teach you. We won’t tell you them all because that would ruin all the surprises! But for now, we hope you benefit from these top tips and have an amazing vacation! If you are looking for more details, bookings or itineraries for your trip to the UK, reach out to us for guidance at any time!


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